Ugnus' (and Churchill's semi-pseudo-unofficial) Minecraft Server

Currently running: Resonant Rise Please update your client! Please expect occasional server crashes (sorry)! Please report them! The server now has a new modded world, but the old vanilla worlds are still safe, do not fear.

1 Moderators

If there's trouble with the server, the following people have command-line access:

  • Edward (ejlflop/ejl44)
  • Brent (Brent3_1/bs461)

2 Interactive Maps

3 IRC channel

See – the default channel, #sittingroom, is integrated with the server chat.

4 Server Rules file

1. No griefing
2. You may modify others' creations, but only tastefully
3. Warn admin before creating more than ~100 new chunks
4. Tell everyone before visiting the End

5 Mod information

You need the ATLauncher, and select the 'Resonant Rise' mod pack. Then ask Edward which mods to enable.

Date: <2015-02-26 Thu>

Author: Edward Lilley <>

Created: 2015-02-26 Thu 02:04

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