Musical activities

Catalogues of composers' works

Lists of works, neatly formatted as HTML tables, just in case you find it useful for e.g. organising your CDs (I do).

Tuning systems etc. via programming in Haskell

See github, and this particular page about Guillaume Costeley.

Chamber music of Purcell

Sonnata's in III Parts

The first 3 sonatas (out of 12) are done, together with the elaborate title page and prologue. Typeset with XeLaTeX and MusiXTeX.

Sonatas in IV parts

Pavans for two violins & continuo

Four pavans by Henry Purcell, in a minor, A major, g minor & B♭ major.

Orchestral music of Rameau

The Chaconne from Les Indes Galante

Typesetting something this long and elaborate in MusiXTeX is an immense pain, and I haven't managed to extract the parts yet, so here's the score.

John Dunstaple (Dunstable)

A Canon (words from the Gloria)

(coming soon, as soon as I can transcribe the last bit from the dodgy scan of the manuscript)

Antonio Soler

Some exercies in modulation

(also coming soon)

Author: Edward Lilley

Created: 2018-04-03 Tue 21:14